Payroll - with the new RTI requirements

One of the unfortunate functions of running your own business is becoming an unpaid tax collector.  HMRC are adding some complexity from 2013-14 with new "Real Time Information" requirements - great for the individual taxpayer, and a source of annoyance for a business owner.


We can set up a tailor-made service for your business including...

  • Employee payslips
  • Monthly summaries
  • Completion of P45's for leavers
  • Completion of P46's
  • RTI PAYE returns for the Revenue
  • Assistance with automated payment set-up to your employees
  • Reduced cost year-end returns for P11Ds

If you're unsure about how to move forward in 2013-14, drop us a line on or 0207 515 3232 and we'll give you an idea how - no obligation.